Our aim is to observe and identify what our client wants and, more importantly, why our client wants this. First off, we will make sure we recognise the needs of a project. Together with various stakeholders, we will arrange the requirements gathering to analyse, document and verify the various requirements of a project.

    We make sure our team knows all about the opportunities, business needs or possible conflicts for the upcoming project. This greatly helps us to think with our client during the project and allows our team to come up with the most creative solutions.



    We believe in cooperation with strong strategic partners, such as leading graphical designers and interaction designers. We also work together with partners appointed by our clients when it comes to design.



    When we are building a software product, it's important to get a clear understanding of the technical basics. As a foundation, our architects will draw a blueprint for the project to ensure we are able to start developing apps and platforms on top of a solid, carefully thought-out structure.

  • TEST


    In order to make sure we deliver absolute quality, we thoroughly test our products with great care and attention to detail. Our quality assurance team is dedicated to find bugs, inconsistencies or other problems so they can always be fixed before a new release. Testing is very important for our team and for our clients: it minimises risks, enhances our workflow and enriches customer satisfaction.

    For the testing process, our build automation and deployment tool Buildozer plays an important role. Frequently praised by our clients and other app developers, Buildozer makes it easy to continously integrate new changes and distribute automated builds to testers and other stakeholders.



    Once a product is assembled and finished, the next step is to polish the surface and really make it shine: not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Activities such as codebase cleaning can provide big long term benefits for a short term cost. We make it easier and less time-consuming to maintain software by putting a great deal of effort into dotting the i's and crossing the t's.



    Submitting an app to the app store can be a pain, but it doesn't have to be. Thanks to our experience in the submission process of native apps, we can make sure your product is available in the app store without the hassle of validation problems.



    Most of the products we develop are expected to live a long and healthy life, which is why we offer a suitable service level agreement to guarantee the high quality we deliver will be maintained.

    Our support team is always standby to assist with emergency support, releasing updates, maintenance and bug fixing. We can also help you by setting up monitoring tools to keep an keen eye on app performance and the behaviour of your users.


Interested in working with us? We're dedicated to delivering the most sophisticated products and services. Get in touch and we'll gladly discuss your new project.