"Virtually every device in the country has at least one app with a video player made by our developers"

CASE FOR Video Players

The significance of online video in today's world

As online video continues to gain popularity among both users and businesses, we’re seeing more clients coming to us with questions on how they should improve their online video strategy.

Over the years we’ve seen a massive growth of the online video industry, which further increases the demand for high quality video player technology that ensures a smooth user experience across multiple platforms while still offering maximum customisablity and a highly scalable architecture to adequately suit business needs.

Video players

At Egeniq we have been developing video players for over half a decade now. Virtually every device in the country has at least one app with a video player that was made by our developers. During our video player development projects we have worked with a lot of different technologies such as Playready, Widevine, Fairplay, and Ericsson DRM.

We have offered our clients products that go hand in hand with a variety of online video business models from FVOD and AVOD to TVOD and SVOD. We understand the commercial aspects a video player must have in order to be successful in the eyes of the user as well as the marketing office.

Development approach

Egeniq's approach focuses on implementing all the main features once and rolling out the player on multiple websites and/or apps, each rollout with its own uniform corporate theme or a specific branding. Broadcasters love this approach because of our standardized process which allows different flavors of the same high quality video player to be used.

We believe that a video player should be based on open standards. Concepts reflecting these beliefs include:

UPSIDE - Our Unified Player SDK Interface DEfinition, ensures developers can work with our players in a standardized, common way.
SPA - Our Scalable Player Architecture ensures that the player can be extended for use in large-scale environments. The components can be swapped for maximum flexibility.

Pathé Thuis

For Pathé Thuis we've built a unified player that ensures a smooth experience across a wide variety of platforms such as iOS, Android, Web and even Xbox. The player is also available as an SDK for Pathé’s partners to work with.

SBS / Sanoma

For SBS / Sanoma we've built a unified player SDK that allows Sanoma to have a consistent player for all their properties. The player was implemented in various apps and websites such as NU.nl, Linda.tv and the popular KIJK app. Each implementation has its own custom features and aspects to suit the various business needs of different properties.

Charly Concerts

For Charly Concerts we built an SVOD player focused on live streaming. Charly Concerts offers the finest video content of music concerts and documentaries. We have created sophisticated players which now serve iOS, tvOS and Android users around the world.

BNR Nieuwsradio

For BNR Nieuwsradio we've built an audioplayer with CarPlay support. Another great feature we implemented was the 'Apptalk' feedback mechanism which allows viewers to record and send back audio messages, turning the app into a truly interactive experience.

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