Hi backend developer, we are Egeniq

Always curious about the world behind the apps you use every day? At Egeniq you get the chance to work on the backends of our native apps and web apps. These days, these are almost always "cloud-native" applications that require high performance and security. We work for parties such as RTL Netherlands, Talpa, Pathe and the NPO, so you can imagine that our backends will handle a considerable number of visitors.

Are you full of ideas for improving the backend of an existing app, or do you always know how to come up with the best solution for a new app? At Egeniq we always listen to your vision and you get the chance to implement those cool plans.

You work with us in a pleasant atmosphere with people who share your passion for development, full of cool wearables and gadgets and digital nomads who still work together as one team. A lot of freedom and therefore work in different places at home and abroad. Who would not want that?

This is you

  • You learned something in the past week that you didn't know before. You like to share that knowledge with whoever wants to hear it.
  • You get pride and satisfaction from your work as a backend developer.
  • You feel an urge to create things, to experiment and to create useful software.
  • You are a software engineer and not a programmer. You understand why this is an important difference.

You can do this with us

  • Create great apps and backends and make a difference.
  • Working in a company with ambitious goals. You are at the start of something beautiful and, thanks to your efforts, you help shape the future of the company.
  • Count on all respect for your work. Our management has a technical background and can, therefore, empathize with your work and challenges.
  • Work in a place where you feel most comfortable.
  • Working with the Gadget Kit: MacBook Pro, 27 "5k Display and all the devices you need for the apps you are going to make.
  • Things to make your home office an ideal environment, such as a standing desk, good office chair and a mobile air conditioning unit.

We expect this from you

  • At least one programming language no longer holds any secrets for you, preferably NodeJS.
  • You have completed a course in IT or computer sciences.
  • You enjoy learning quickly. Learn new things? You get energy from it. You have a passion for programming.
  • AWS certification is an advantage, but if you don't have it yet, we will help you with that.

Do you recognize yourself in this vacancy?

Then please contact us. Send us your resume and motivation, then we will quickly return to your application. Don't you fit the profile completely, but does it seem like working at Egeniq? Feel free to view our other vacancies or send an open application.


Are you emailing us?