Egeniq is a young app technology company

We started our business in October 2010, after a thorough preparation of 5 months. Our two founders and directors, Ivo Jansch and Peter Verhage, are very experienced software architects. Both have been involved in and been responsible for the development of several large internet initiatives in The Netherlands.

Together with our engineers we design the best solutions for the challenges that our clients face.

Egeniq aims to position itself as a source of knowledge that primarily focuses on mobile technology and innovative software architecture, aiming at the top segment of the market. Apps for smartphones or tablets are not just an end result, but merely the visible end-user component of a strong data stack; which has an excellent performance, is highly scalable and secure. On top of that, we advise companies when they are building or extending their mobile strategy. Keywords are passion, scalability, results, security and architecture.

The Egeniq Team

Andries Seutens software engineer

Andries Seutens

Software Engineer

anthony donker software engineer

Anthony Donker

Software Engineer

bram van boldrik developer ux engineer

Bram van Boldrik

Developer / UX Engineer

daniel zolnai software engineer

Daniel Zolnai

Software Engineer

diederick verweij software engineer

Diederick Verweij

Software Engineer


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dima kovalenko software engineer

Dima Kovalenko

Software Engineer

dominika gruszecka office assistant

Dominika Gruszecka

Office Assistant

erik van der wal software engineer

Erik van der Wal

Software Engineer

ivo jansch ceo founder egeniq

Ivo Jansch

CEO / Founder

jan jaap nijemeisland project manager

Jan Jaap Nijemeisland

Project Manager


Jessica Henneman

Project Manager / Marketeer


View our vacancies and find out if you can strengthen our team!
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johan kool senior software engineer

Johan Kool

Senior Software Engineer

laurens van dijk project manager qa engineer

Laurens van Dijk

Project Manager / QA Engineer

lineke kerckhoffs-willems senior software engineer

Lineke Kerckhoffs-Willems

Senior Software Engineer

lotte van breugel front end webdeveloper

Lotte van Breugel

Front-end Webdeveloper

özcan kaymak software engineer

Özcan Kaymak

Software Engineer

peter verhage cto founder egeniq

Peter Verhage

CTO / Founder


View our vacancies and find out if you can strengthen our team!
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richard tuin software engineer

Richard Tuin

Software Engineer

ruben weerts software engineer

Ruben Weerts

Software Engineer

sandy pleyte software engineer

Sandy Pleyte

Software Engineer

thijs damen lead developer

Thijs Damen

Lead Developer

thom hoekstra software engineer

Thom Hoekstra

Software Engineer

wiebe elsinga lead developer

Wiebe Elsinga

Lead Developer