Hi, we are Egeniq

We are a bunch of innovative pioneers; yes, that is a perfect description for the Egeniq-team. Always on the lookout for better things. Always searching for the perfect solutions for our clients. No app request too difficult and no platform too exotic.

Let’s go back to some 10 years ago. That’s about the time when Ivo and Peter started Egeniq. Experienced software architects from the very start. By then, they had already been involved in the largest internet initiatives in the Netherlands. With their strong vision and ideas as with regards to mobility and platform independence, the switch towards apps was only a logical one.

And here we are. Egeniq has expanded into a full-fledged knowledge organisation. Armed with an enormous amount of experience. However, we do not consider our impressive range of apps built for smartphones, tablets and wearables as the end result. It is only the tangible collection of user devices forming part of a solid and ever-increasing data chain. And the pillars on which this data chain rests are: excellent performance, scalability, and perfect safety.

Mobile technology and innovative software architecture are Egeniq’s baseline. These two concepts enable us to remain at the top of the market. But that’s not all. Also for advice on the development and realisation of a mobile strategy, you have come to the right place.

Egeniq in a nutshell? passion, scalability, performance, safety and architecture.

The Egeniq Team

Alex - Egeniq - Team

Alex Wiersma

Software Engineer

After multiple jobs, Alex discovered that his true passion was to develop software. QA is awesome, PM is challenging, and Android is cool. But iOS is the bomb, and it is Alex’s expertise.


Andries Seutens

Software Engineer

Are you in need of a complex system that is easy to maintain? Then Andries is your guy. Not only is he a fantastic API-developer, he is also fairly knowledgeable in the area of architecture.


Bas Buijsen

Software Engineer

Bram - Egeniq

Bram van Boldrik

Developer / UX Engineer

Bram’s healthy dose of humour is easy to spot. In addition, he is the perfect all-rounder for all sorts of technical challenges, with a good sense of design and development.

Daniel - Team - Egeniq

Dániel Zolnai

Software Engineer

Usually, Dániel has already done the job before you have even asked him to start. And he always delivers top quality work. This has made him our in-house psychic. He does not do Toto-forecasts however, which is a bummer.


Describe your function

Obviously, we are badly in need of someone like you. What did you think. Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at our site, would you?

Dima - Team - Egeniq

Dima Kovalenko

Software Engineer

Android development: Dima wakes up with it and goes to sleep with it. Tight deadline? No problem. Chances are that it is met well in advance, if it’s up to Dima.


Dominika Gruszecka

Executive Assistant

Dominika is the proverbial spider in the web at Egeniq. You only have to ask; she will take up any task and won’t stop until it is completely finished. There is nothing that she cannot do. She’s our tower of strength.


Evelien Janssen

Office Manager

An excellent administration is an important part of running a business, luckily, we have Evelien with a great eye for detail nothing gets past her. In her free time, she likes to take walks in the dunes.


Isabela Dowsley

Software Engineer

Isabela is fascinated by the opportunities technology allows. Combining technical skills with the ability to understand users' needs is her passion.

Iulia - Team - Egeniq

Iulia Stana

Software Engineer

What makes Iulia’s heart beat faster? Android. One of these days, she will actually morph into a bugdroid herself; that’s the general prediction around here. The more cool challenges she encounters in developing her native apps, the better. Like a true Jeanne d'Arc, she throws herself into the battle and wins. Always.


Ivo Jansch

CEO / Founder

Ivo is the boss responsible for the end products. In addition, he is a software architect, enabling him to fulfil any role thinkable within Egeniq. This has made him the walking encyclopaedia of the company.


Describe your function

Obviously, we are badly in need of someone like you. What did you think. Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at our site, would you?

Jan Jaap - Team - Egeniq

Jan Jaap Nijemeisland

Project Manager

Jan Jaap makes sure that both the clients and Egeniq’s development team are and remain happy. Tight deadlines? No problem. Jan Jaap’s enormous project knowledge and expertise enables him to help out in any project and to make valuable contributions in solving the most difficult issues.

jens bax

Jens Bax

Software Engineer

An intern with a passion for iOS development and a keen eye for perfection.  In his spare time, Jens loves to hit hole-in-ones on the golf course.


Jessica Henneman

Project Manager / Marketeer

Whenever something needs to be worked out, Jessica has already done it. With a perfect eye for detail, she sees to it that all projects run as smooth as silk. On top of that, Jessica is Egeniq’s marketing specialist.


Johan Kool

Senior Software Engineer

Johan is one of our first Egeniq iOS developers. With his track record, relaxed approach and broad vision, even the most complex issues associated with the development of iOS apps pose no problem for him.


Joris de Haes

QA Engineer

No bug is safe when Joris is around, with his skills in automation he can find bugs while tending to his vegetables or during his DIY projects.

Laurence Keijmel - Egeniq

Laurence Keijmel

Software Engineer

We know Laurence as a worker with phenomenal stamina. Apart from his activities at Egeniq, he is a volunteer at the KNRM (hello, Baywatch!). Being born and bred in Zeeland, this passion suits him perfectly.


Describe your function

Obviously, we are badly in need of someone like you. What did you think. Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at our site, would you?

Lineke - Team - Egeniq

Lineke Kerckhoffs-Willems

Senior Software Engineer

Are you looking for a completely reliable backend or API? Then you go to Lineke. Within Egeniq that is. Lineke is a fantastic combination of experience, commitment to the project, and eye for detail.

Maarten - Team - Egeniq

Maarten Foukhar

Software Engineer

Maarten is an Android- and iOS-techie. Yes: it’s a rare breed. Ask him to go on a mission impossible, and he could not be happier. He is creative as well: he loves making animations and music, and is crazy about drawing.


Marita van der Hart

Office Manager

Helping others is what Marita likes doing the most. To this end, she makes full use of her organisational talents and planning skills. In her free time, she puts on her hiking boots to explore the beauty of the forests, or she retreats indoors to restyle her home interior.


Maurice Maas

Software Engineer

In need of some help with your web- or API-development activities? Then Maurice is your man. With his inspiring enthusiasm and the assistance of his colleagues, he will get the job done. What else captures his enthusiasm? Playing a relaxing game of golf or tennis, or being a couch potato and watching a good movie.


Oya Canli

Software Engineer

After trying out different things, Oya found out that her heart beats for the green robot. She loves challenges even the weird bugs. She's always on the lookout for the newest techniques in Android development.

Peter - Team - Egeniq

Peter Verhage

CTO / Founder

Peter is Egeniq’s technical boss. He is like no other capable of determining the direction of a project and translating it into a stunning end product. He is so experienced that he regularly participates in projects as an architect.


Describe your function

Obviously, we are badly in need of someone like you. What did you think. Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at our site, would you?


Raluca Mesterca

Software Engineer

In a distant past, Raluca was an academic researcher, but now she works as an iOS Developer. Raluca’s mindset is particularly focussed on growth, which means that she refuses to stop learning. In her spare time, she does yoga and collects all the information she can find about space travel.


Remo Strangi

Software Engineer

Remo describes himself as ‘rough and peppery’, just like the famous Groninger mustard. Creating games is his favourite thing. And when he is not working, he regularly meets up with friends for some serious pinball.


Remy Benza

Software Engineer

Waking up Remy in the middle of the night? Rather not! No? Well, there’s one exception: start talking to him about translating creative ideas into nice apps with a pixel perfect (yes, he actually said it!) design, and he will be all ears and wide awake. He also likes to chase tennis balls. Not at the office, but at his favourite tennis court.


Rianne Boortman

QA Engineer

Do you have a problem? Rianne loves puzzles. Her favourite thing to do is to come up with a solution that makes you say: well, why did I not think of that myself. Perfect, for a QA-specialist.


Sander van 't Veer

Software Engineer

If you're developing apps for hours on end every day, it's nice to get a breath of fresh air now and then. That is why Sander likes to walk with his two dogs or let himself out on his motorcycle!

Sandy - Team - Egeniq

Sandy Pleyte

Software Engineer

A lifetime of experience in the field of Web- and API-development. Want to develop a backend? No worries. With all his experience, Sandy can fill in for Ivo if he is not around.


Describe your function

Obviously, we are badly in need of someone like you. What did you think. Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking at our site, would you?

Wie ben ik - Egeniq

Sara Hachem

Software Engineer

From researcher to developer is not an easy step, but Sara made it ten years ago and hasn’t looked back for a second. In her free time, she’s a connoisseur of good food and a real gamer.


Thijs Damen

Software Engineer

Many developers focus on just one platform. Not Thijs. He’s a real all-rounder. Android, iOS or web, no challenge is too crazy. Platforms may change, but Thijs’ rock-solid skills will always remain the same.


Thom Hoekstra

Software Engineer

If you believe that there are iOS challenges that Thom can’t handle, you couldn’t be more wrong. With his eye for detail, his patience, and this perseverance, Thom creates the most beautiful native apps imaginable.


Tim Eekhout


Tim is a marketing employee with a passion for his field. Not afraid of a challenge and always aims for the best result. In his spare time, he can be found online with his friends or taking it easy with a good book. 


Wiebe Elsinga

Technical Team Lead

As a Google Developer Expert, Wiebe is one of the driving forces behind Egeniq’s Android best practices. Working at Egeniq is the perfect way for Wiebe to get rid of his energy, while in the evenings, he has still some left for his martial arts.


Wietse Warendorff

Software Engineer

Wietse has many functions at our office: web developer, PhP-expert and Docker-techie. And he is football-crazy: both outdoors and indoors. An active and sports-loving person, our Wietse. Well, in all honesty, his most favourite thing is watching football on television.