Appril festival 2019

On 17 and 18 April, it will already be the seventh time that Egeniq organises the Appril festival. Two days full of showcases, tech talks, information on mobile app development and much more. Mobile business? Check. New technology? Check. And build excellent mobile first-customer journeys. Will you help develop the brands of the future?

A huge network

Connect with other mobile professionals and creative minds during the interactive presentations on the main stage. Meet designers, developers, marketers and business strategists during the breakout sessions. Rub shoulders with Mobile Heroes at the bar or during the Appril network dinner! Join the entire programme of the conference day on 18 April, hosted in Amsterdam. Choose the sessions of your liking on 17 & 18 April, organised by our festival partners throughout the whole of Amsterdam.


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Date Tuesday 16 April 2019 - Thursday 18 April 2019
Time 08:00 - 18:00
Location Pathé De Munt, Vijzelstraat 15, 1017 HD Amsterdam
Price Starting at € 50,-

Speaker(s) at this event

Ivo - Team - Egeniq
Ivo Jansch
CEO / Founder bij Egeniq
Wiebe - Team - Egeniq
Wiebe Elsinga
Lead Developer bij Egeniq