A cinema just for you

The(Any)Thing, created by the team behind Pathé Thuis (Pathé at Home), is the first on-demand private cinema in the world, and was launched early 2021. It works as follows. Via the (Any)Thing app, you choose a movie, a cinema, a day, and a time of your preference.


The App

Next, the app shows a selection of private cinemas for two to seven persons, where you and your family or friends can watch a movie in a private setting. And then all you can do is to relax and enjoy. To achieve the best movie experience, the theatres are equipped with the newest state-of-the-art projection and sound technology.


Operate the theatre’s experience with your phone

We designed the app in such a way that the viewer has full control over all of the theatre’s equipment settings. Ever been to a cinema where you can operate the light, the sound, and the air conditioner yourself?


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