About RTL Nieuws

RTL Nieuws informs its readers in an independent and engaging manner and allows people to follow important developments as they happen.

For RTL Nieuws we developed a sophisticated iPad/Android tablet magazine. This app is a true digital newspaper. A version for iPhone and Android phones is also available, which focuses on convenient news consumption.

The apps bring together several of RTL’s strongest brands such as the RTL Nieuws show itself, entertainment brand ‘Boulevard’ and a sports section. There’s exclusive content as well: the tablet apps feature a magazine with original content available only in the app.

RTL Nieuws - Case
RTL Nieuw - Egeniq


The RTL Nieuws app has been developed together with various partners. Ibuildings developed the CMS for the app, UNITiD created the Interaction Design. We built the iPad app, iPhone app, Android app and the backend API.

While developing the front-end we had to overcome a number of challenges. The app is very photographic in nature, and we had to find a balance between dynamic layouts and memory performance. Optimized algorithms that dynamically load and unload content from the tablets’s memory, while smartly make decisions to preload certain content, allow us to deliver a rich and smooth experience on all iPad and Android devices. The app feels ‘instant’, even though new content is constantly being delivered and processed.

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