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RMC (Rotterdam Mobility Centre) offers a custom transport service in and around Rotterdam. This service is offered by the City of Rotterdam and performed by RMC.

To help the people of Rotterdam who have special needs when it comes to transportation, we developed a sophisticated platform that makes it possible to quickly arrange a ride and easily access ride information with their mobile device.

The RMC app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Case RMC - Egeniq
Case RMC - Egeniq


One of the challenges we faced was working for a target audience that consists mostly of elderly people. We found out that a lot of these app users often got their mobile devices handed down from their children - this means we needed to have better support for older devices in order to make sure everyone has the same, smooth user experience.

Another challenge was the maintenance of apps running inside vehicles. In order to make these applications maintenance free, we wrote a special piece of software that automatically updates them.

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Hike one - Egeniq
Quinten Passchier
Business Owner at RMC
Case RMC - Egeniq

Egeniq was able to build a bridge between mobility services and technology. Their team was able to deliver an outstanding product that perfectly solves the business challenges we face.

31 / 01 / 2019
Peter Verhage
CTO / Founder at Egeniq
Egeniq - Smart APPS

Working on the RMC app was an exciting experience

The platform we developed for RMC is not only for passengers, but also for the vehicles the company operates and popular pick-up locations (such as hospitals, retirement homes or supermarkets).

For example, we included a nifty device identification / mapping system so that the people over at RMC Central Command are able to assign data to a device in a vehicle, without doing any actual configuration inside the vehicle itself. This was a big convenience for RMC, as the communication between the Central Command and their vehicles has improved significantly.

31 / 01 / 2019
Case - Project - Egeniq

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