RMC: mobility is freedom

The Rotterdam Mobility Centre (RMC) offers its customers freedom, keeps them on the move, and broadens their world. RMC provides group transport services with the aid of smart and modern technologies.

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The best service

As commissioned by several municipalities, RMC takes care of additional transport for the elderly and for people with a disability. RMC performs this task safely, in the most responsible manner possible, and on the basis of appointments. RMC has made it its goal to make each aspect of its service provision as easy and pleasant as possible. This applies to both the actual rides and their reservation.

The RMC-app: book a ride in a flash

We developed an app for RMC that enables its users to book rides in a very easy manner, and that gives access to personalised travel information via smartphone or tablet. With one click in the app, you can indicate the location where you want RMC to collect you or where you want to go, and with whom you want to go there, or what you want to take with you (for example, someone who guides you, a wheel chair, or a rollator). You also have access to an overview of your booked rides. Furthermore, you can track and trace the driver, and post a review of the driver and the ride.

Technology behind the app

The target group of this app is mostly elderly people. We discovered that they often use the old smartphones or tables of their children. So, in order to provide them with the best possible user experience, the app had to be compatible with older devices.

Another technical challenge was the functioning of the app within RMC’s transport vehicles. For computerising the application’s maintenance, we therefore developed an additional portion of software. Now, the app is constantly updated during the rides.

Finally, we made sure that the app is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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Quinten Passchier
Business Owner bij RMC
Case RMC - Egeniq

Egeniq was als geen ander in staat om de brug te slaan tussen onze wereld van mobiliteitsdiensen en hun wereld van techniek. Het team kwam met dé oplossingen voor onze bedrijfsvraagstukken en ontwikkelde een krachtig en betrouwbaar platform.

31 / 01 / 2019
Peter Verhage
CTO / Founder bij Egeniq
Egeniq - Smart APPS

Onze opdracht voor RMC was een spannende ervaring met een prachtig eindresultaat. Het platform dat we ontwikkelden voor RMC is niet alleen voor passagiers, maar ook voor allerlei medewerkers van het bedrijf.

Het vernuftige device identification / mapping systeem dat we ontwikkelden is daar een goed voorbeeld van. Hierdoor kunnen de medewerkers bij de RMC Centrale specifieke data naar een bepaald voertuig doorgeven, zonder enige configuratie in het voertuig zelf te hoeven doen. Dit is een grote aanwinst geweest voor RMC: de communicatie tussen de centrale en hun voertuigen verloopt hierdoor vele malen soepeler en efficiënter.

31 / 01 / 2019
Case Lotto - Egeniq

The most famous lottery in NL

Lotto - Nederlandse Lotterij

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Egeniq for your business

We are enormously proud that the Egeniq team was asked to build RMC’s mobility app. In addition to this client, Egeniq also works for, among other companies, EA Sports, FD Media Group and Pathé Cinemas. For these organisations, we create smart apps or realise major implementations, such as Apple Pay.

Our apps are suitable for every mobile device. How we pull this off? By combining high knowledge levels with extensive experience. And that is exactly what we would like to do for your business! Ain’t no technological mountain high enough, so do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to exchange ideas with you about tailor-made solutions.

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