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Pathé Thuis is a leading Video on Demand provider on the Dutch market. Their offering is available on Smart TVs, Cable Set-top boxes, iPads, Android, Microsoft Xbox and on the web.

Case Pathe Thuis - Egeniq
Case Pathe Thuis - Egeniq


There are a number of challenges that we had to overcome when building the Pathé Thuis platform. The first is providing a consistent product to the end user, while making sure that every user gets an optimal experience on their platform of choice.

Another challenge is that we’re dealing with a multitude of backend systems (CRM, VOD Management, DRM, streaming video, payment providers and many more). The third challenge is performance: Most people tend to watch movies during the weekend, so the system needs to be able to handle peaks elegantly.

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Thomas van de Weerd
Product Owner at Pathé Thuis
Pathé Thuis - Egeniq

Pathé Thuis had the ambition to quickly become part of the top segment of Video on Demand services in the Netherlands. To do so, we needed a technical strategy which is perfectly in tune with our proposition: Egeniq has shown itself capable of realising a platform and apps that fulfill this ambition.

31 / 01 / 2019
Thijs Damen
Lead Developer at Egeniq
Egeniq - Smart APPS

The Pathé Thuis Video on Demand platform is an interesting project, where we are able to use all of the skills we have available at Egeniq.

To solve the challenges that Pathé was dealing with, we built a platform that abstracts the underlying systems using a powerful API. This makes it easier for Pathé to change backend systems, while keeping a consistent feature set in the front-ends. The platform consists of a number of services that can individually be scaled to satisfy the demands of the clients.

31 / 01 / 2019
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