FDMG (Financieele Dagblad Media Groep) has asked Egeniq to build a number of apps for a broad group of smartphone users. This shows that FDMG takes its mobile strategy very seriously. In June FDMG also rebuild its existing website at www.fd.nl with major improvements.

Egeniq developed the FD mobile apps for BlackBerry, Android and iPhone. For Nokia and Windows Phone users we developed a new mobile website at http://mobiel.fd.nl. iPad users can choose between the lighter mobile website or the full fledged desktop website.

The contents of articles is only available to FD subscribers. The apps are very functional: easy but crystal clear navigation. The content is divided into five topics: General (home), Economy & Politics, Stock market, Business and Enterpreneur. For all the apps FD will send out push notifications if there is Breaking News, which makes sure that important news reaches FD’s subscribers in a timely fashion.