For BNR (the largest commercial business radio station in The Netherlands) we developed new universal iPhone and iPad apps. An Android version is also available.

BNR was looking for a way to use mobile apps to engage listeners. For this purpose we have added an ‘AppTalk’ section that allows listeners to leave spoken messages or ‘Voice Tweets’. Twitter has since long provided a way for companies to communicate with their customers, but for a radio station spoken messages are an ideal way to engage the listener. Listeners can leave messages and listen to each others opinions, but more importantly: BNR can easily air the Voice Tweets in their radio shows and have a truly interactive listening experience.

For the AppTalk section BNR is using Egeniq’s brand new Audio Tweet platform, and we are happy to have BNR as a first customer for this platform. Business Radio is an excellent candidate for a more interactive, immersed listening experience. Our Audio Tweet platform has a number of interesting features:

  • Authentication is done using Twitter accounts, so no need to create yet another user id / password.
  • On the iPhone voice tweets are never more than 2 clicks away, so it’s easy to leave a message when listening to the radio while you are on the move.
  • Automatic transcoding to different quality levels so it can even be used by users on slower connections that rely on GPRS/3G.
  • Integrated share on Twitter functionality to attract new users.
  • Website integration using a powerful JSON or simple JavaScript API.
  • Easy management using an optimized CMS.

The AppTalk apps backends run on top of Egeniq’s highly scalable API architecture; a backend system that powers most of the Egeniq apps projects and that allows our customers to scale to large volumes of users.

Besides the new AppTalk section we have also rebuild other parts of BNR’s mobile experience. There’s a new news section, in-app radio player, information about traffic jams and speed traps and the iPad version has a nice visual archive of past shows.

The new BNR app can be found in the Apple App Store here.