Current Job Openings

We’re looking to extend the team with one or two developers that can do one or more of the following: iOS, Android, PHP and/or Ruby. Details here.

Get paid to do what you love

We’re a small company. But we are growing, we are ambitious, we are passionate about technology and we don’t like a 9-5 job mentality. Let us explain why we are not the average employer. If you like our story and if you are not the average employee, consider working for us. Send whatever you need to convince us that you’re ready to be part of our team to


We have been in the software development business for years. As developers, as architects, as managers – we’ve learned a few lessons about writing software and running development teams. We know what works and what doesn’t work, and we also know that nobody ever knows everything, so we all continue to learn. We know that the best software is written when you’re in The Flow. And since everybody has a different way of getting into The Flow, we understand that it’s important that you are in control of how and when you work.

We are very flexible with respect to working hours: if you have kids and you need to drop them off at school, that’s great. If you’re more productive in the evenings, fine. As long as you take care of your responsibilities, you are free to manage your day as you see fit. And we don’t put a hard cap on holidays; if you work with passion and contribute to the success of your projects, you get to take the time off that you need.


We love technology. Most of us are gadget freaks. We are full of ideas. We feel great when we’ve designed an elegant, clean and efficient solution to a difficult problem. We like working with crazy new gadgets. We love to debate whether Leonardo was awake at the end of Inception. We believe that the best developers master programming instead of a programming language. We embrace change. We love challenges. We believe a job is not just a job; it’s a way to be yourself and do the things you enjoy doing, while getting paid to do them.

Eliminate Waste

Waste of space, waste of time, waste of the environment; we encounter a lot of waste in our daily lives. At Egeniq, we strive to eliminate waste as much as possible. This is why we send all our bills by email, why we don’t ask our developers to participate in traffic jams and why we don’t require all meetings to be face to face. We try to do what makes sense, because we believe that in the end this is better for everybody.

Want to join us?

We’ve told you our story. Tell us yours and email us at; we’d love to hear from you!