May 25 2011 - written by Ivo Jansch
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Slides for ‘Mobile for PHP Developers’ and ‘PHP development in the cloud’

This week I was in Chicago to present two talks at php|tek:

  • Mobile for PHP Developers – A 3 hour tutorial to teach PHP developers what they need to know to write web sites for mobile devices and APIs for native apps.
  • PHP Development in the Cloud – The companion talk to my cloud book, which serves as an introduction to cloud principles for PHP developers. It covers not only what the cloud is, but also talks about how developers should architect their apps to be more ‘cloud ready’.

If you’re a web development company interested in venturing into mobile development, we are able to deliver the ‘Mobile for PHP Developers’ talk at your company. Contact us if you’re interested.

The slides for both talks are below. Click through to Slideshare for a larger view.

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