April 15 2011 - written by Ivo Jansch

KTT2: The making of Scheveningen Live

Scheveningen is one of the popular beach locations in The Netherlands. We recently built an iPhone app for Scheveningen Live together with the interaction designers from UNITiD which features live video feeds from Scheveningen as well as live weather data for tourists, windsurfers, fishermen etc.

The app is downloadable from the App Store.

We’ve created a short video with the background behind the app and a sort of ‘making of’. We’re still in the process of adding subtitles but if you can understand Dutch, you can already have a look below:

[...] heeft een video gemaakt over het ontstaan van de [...]

hans Hazenboom - 3:25 pm

From the west coast of Canada I check the cameras daily. Born in Duindorp moved to Canada in 1969 I love to see the progress on improvements of the boulevard and watching people on the beach enjoying them selves. You guys are doing an amazing service. Note; some time ago a remote control camera was set up on the pier, I was able to log in for 25 seconds and have total control of the camera with pan and zoom control, this was awesome until so many people tried to log on.

Good luck and Best Regards,